In this article, we would like to show a good example for you, how a startup’s innovation can be effectively implemented in a bank, even when the whole world is entirely off its hinges.

Due to COVID-19, MKB Bank pays more attention to guaranteeing personal security and providing the highest level of innovative customer service. For this purpose, we implemented Linistry, the digital queue management system. Erzsébet Vizaknai (Innovation Manager, MKB Fintechlab) shared her thoughts with us about the project and how the team were able to establish the Linistry in just two weeks thanks to the collaboration of the different areas.

What is Linistry and how does it work exactly?

Linistry is a flexible customer queue management system tailored to the customers’ specific needs.

The system avoids traditional on-site queuing and can coordinate incoming customers and appointments — reducing idle on-site waiting. With a digital ticket that always shows up-to-date waiting data, remote loggers can also spend usefully their waiting time.

Linistry was able to provide a ready-made product solution that no longer required further development, yet they had extensive experience, great references, and were able to come up with an innovative solution and guaranteed a rapid implementation. In view of the pandemic situation, the project became a priority and, in addition to management support, successful cooperation in several areas was required for its implementation. In addition to MKB Fintechlab employees, it was attended by employees of CRM, data warehouse, IT, law, banking security, Contact Center, marketing, as well as retail and sales support, and thanks to these colleagues, we managed to implement Linistry within two weeks in March.

In which bank branches can we meet with the service?

Today there are thirteen bank branches in the country, at the Duna Pláza, Nyugati tér, Árkád, Mammut, Hercegprímás utca, Váci utca, Thököly út, Szeged, Kecskemét, Debrecen, Székesfehérvár, Miskolc and Tatabánya.

Why is virtual queuing a better choice?

In the pandemic, I think the most important is that you can avoid unnecessary on — site waiting and thus contact with the crowd, you can spend your waiting time however you like, and also you can keep track of how many more people are in front of you, anytime, anywhere on your mobile. You can reduce your ecological footprint by not to print a serial number.

What was the colleagues’ and the customers’ feedback so far and what developments have you established already since the pilot?

Based on the experience and customer feedback of the past five month, it can be said that it is highly popular with both our customers and employees. The most used and most popular service is the appointment booking. Linistry provides ongoing support to our colleagues, answering any questions they may have. The great advantage of the system is that the service can be easily customized in every branch, e.g. setting menu items, configuring waiting times, and any changes can be armed immediately — ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

In terms of customer needs, it continuously force us to provide new and useful solutions to the real needs of our customers quickly and to develop the service dynamically. The service is also available in English and German language.

By the end of the year we would like to implement the service in all bank branches in the country.

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